XBOX One to have Keyboard and Mouse Support Soon!

Xbox One, the eighth generation of home video consoles will be soon get keyboard and mouse support (the rumors of which have been there for almost two years). The gaming console supports 4K HDR content, UDH Blue-Ray drives and has six teraflops of graphical power, 12GB RAM, and 326GB/s of memory bandwidth. The keyboard and mouse support will be available for the users of Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X within the Xbox Insider program for a limited period. The date for the same is yet to be official announced by the tech giant, Microsoft.


Earlier this year, the corporate VP of Xbox at Microsoft, Mike Ybarra has indicated that the company is planning to add keyboard and mouse support to the Xbox One consoles. Even GamePros has also got a chance to take the screenshot of the announcement. When the announcement translated from Polish to English with the help of Google Translator, it showed:

 “Some players wish to conquer the virtual world with a pad in hand, while others value the accuracy of the mouse movements. Some of them cannot imagine playing on anything other than a keyboard. Now, owners of the Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X can select the keyboard and mouse and decide for themselves what they will use for playing their favorite games on Xbox One console. Thanks to the keyboard support, we can already successfully talk about Xbox Master Race!”
However, there is no clear info on how this new feature would work. The creator of popular shooter Overwatch, Blizzard is against to this move by explaining a reason that the keyboard and mouse support will ruin the gaming experience.

What Change Keyboard and Mouse will Bring?

The announcement made by Microsoft Poland was deleted later; but the gaming pros have somehow managed to take the screenshot in time. The Xbox One runs on Windows 10 operating system. Adding this feature to the Xbox One will be a blur line between the PC gaming and console gaming. In addition, it will also impact and change the way how two communities play their favorite Xbox One games and communicate with each other. With this announcement, the gamers are excitingly waiting for this support to be a part of the Xbox One consoles.

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