Xiaomi MI Band-5: Leaks, Rumours & What to Expect

The fitness band by Xiaomi does complete justice to the company’s track record of producing devices that are built well and yet do not cost much. Costing around $40 in the US, it is a go to device for people who have a tight budget to maintain. Much due to the success of Mi Band-4 by Xiaomi, the launch of its successor, Mi band 5 anticipated Mi in the coming summer. While we offer all that we know about the Xiaomi Band-5, there are also certain aspects we’d wanted it to improve on.

Xiaomi MI Band-5

The amount of rumours surrounding the Xiaomi’s 5th fitness tracker of the series have increased exponentially as the release date gets closer. Rumours of potential upgrades in the band’s hardware and also its potential release month started doing rounds in January.  If we pay heed to rumours then the 0.95-inch display (in MI Band-4) will make way for the all new AMOLED display (touchscreen) which will be of staggering 1.2-inch. Having said that, the light weight of MI’s fitness band has been one of the key strength against its competitors. It is also said to have a better contrast than the current band.

Both the Bands previously launched by Xiaomi, the MI Band 3 and 4 supported the NFC but the support was limited only to China. If rumours are to be believed, it could soon change with the new launch and the support to the NFC might be extended worldwide. However, it is still unclear that will it be only MI Pay system that will be supported by the band or others popular options including the famous Google Pay too. Having said that, if Xiaomi decides to extend the NFC support to its latest release, it will certainly up the level convenience for the users. Discussing about the price, Xiaomi is bringing an even more economical option with Xiaomi band 4C. This band basically just a rebranded version of the band by the name Realme.

Tizen Help was the first one to report on 5th of May about the Mi Band 5’s fitness metrics that will facilitate in tracking of the heart’s health. Much like its competitors, Xiaomi has finally decided to add the popular PAI health suite in its band. P.A.I stands for Personal Activity Intelligence. This makes the metrics provided by the band very easy for the user to understand. On the basis of activity, heart rate and other important factors, a Score varying from one to Hundred is given to the user by the PAI. So the logic is simple, more the score you achieve by the PAI, better is your health and vice-versa. Although reports by Tizen Help suggest that Xiaomi will part ways with Step Counter for its new band with PAI, we doubt that the fitness tracker will be released without the functionality of pedometer.

Taking into consideration that PAI was included by Huami (manufacturer of Mi Bands) last year in its smartwatches (GTS and GTR), it is likely that PAI will also be included in Mi Band 3 and 4.  A release in 2020 of Xiaomi Mi Band-5 was communicated by Huami with great confidence without any other details about it. The track record of Xiaomi fitness trackers has been nothing but exceptional. May it be Mi band-3 or 4, it’s ability and monitor pattern of sleep, estimated distance covered, calories burned, heart rate and much more has made it quite popular.

What we expect from Xiaomi’s upcoming fitness tracker

Although the current fitness tracker, Mi Band 4 has a lot of features, their accuracy is still questionable. Specifically, we would want Xiaomi to work on certain features for Mi band 5.

Heart rate sensor’s accuracy

The optical sensor for measuring the heart rate in Xiaomi’s band 4 had negligible accuracy problem but same can’t be said about its wrist-based solution. The sensor struggles when it is in the midst of High Intensity Workout, particularly noticing the changes in intensity. Since most of the consumers being health centric, it sure is an important area to work on.

Mi Fit Application

The application which collects and displays the data is by far the most important aspect of any product and more so if it is related to fitness. A device, no matter how good it is, how good sensors it has or how effectively it collects the data, it is of no use if it drives no meaning. So if you can’t derive any conclusion regarding your health after seeing all the details provided, it just doesn’t add any value. The application offered by the Xiaomi: Mi Fit App is good but with time, expectations are on a rise and it needs to make apt improvements in it to keep it updated and user friendly. One such area is the frustrating process of finding your activity and workout history.

Checking the health statistics is also a challenge in the current App. Inability to see the details of heart rate in the middle of an intense workout session clearly is a disappointment. The trends are shown only in a small box which is hard to follow and understand. It will be dream come true if Xiaomi adds certain social features also in the current App. Since the Mi Fit bands have become so famous, it boasts of a substantial user base. By making the App compatible with other fitness Apps, people will be able to challenge and communicate with each other.


This is more of a long term suggestion but the current design is indeed growing on users. In an age where people appreciate customizations, inability to do so is indeed disappointing. Almost all the bands look the same and just by providing strap or coloured modules will go a long way.

Although, we do not expect Xiaomi to induce all the improvements with its new launch, but then, what’s wrong with setting expectations high? Let’s see what all Xiaomi Mi Band 5 comes with on its launch!

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