Get to Know About the Home Furnishing Fabrics in India

Trident is a leading home textile brand with a perfect exclusive range of home décor which includes, bath linen, bed linen, and cushion covers. Indeed, upgrade your home décor with the finest and unique collection of home décor textiles. Add some amazing collections to your home décor. The unique colors, abstract patterns, and artistic designs add a sense of sophistication and beauty to your living room. Here are some of the best collections of home textiles that you can enjoy from Trident, one of the leading yarn manufacturers in India 

Amazing collection of home textiles

Indulgence Collection 2 Pieces Set 40X40 Cms Cotton Velvet Fressia Cushion Cover

Mesmerize the feel of a vibrant upholstery by bringing home an amazing indulgence collection of cushion covers for your home. Add a touch of class and elegance with velvet-colored cushion covers for your sofa sets. It adds life and amazing décor to your living room. The cotton and velvet touch cushion covers look so amazing and glorious! 

Classic Collection 2 Pieces Set 40 X40 Cms 100 % Cotton Stencil Cushion Cover

The stencil-colored cushion covers add a royal touch to your sofa sets. These sofa sets look so amazing and vibrant. Made with 100% cotton, the set of 2 cushion covers is a luxury to own. Bring home this amazing delight to transform and upgrade your home décor instantly from Trident! 

Shimmer Collection 2 Pieces Set 40 X 40 Cms Lurex Cotton Glaze Gold Cushion Cover

The shimmery and glossy collection of cushion covers is love! Add this to your sofa set to find a touch of beauty and elegance. Bring home this cotton glaze golden cushion cover that looks so good. You can instantly add so many colors to your living room. Upgrade your home décor with these fashionable cushion covers for your home. It lights up and brightens up your living space! 

Signature Dohar

So comfortable and amazing, that you would love to enjoy a cozy sleep in this. Upgrade your bedding style with this premium signature collection from Trident. Indeed, a Cotton product that keeps you warm and comfortable. Bring home this amazing white dohar, a signature piece from trident! 

Classic Collection 2 Pieces Set 40 X40 Cms 100 % Cotton Cubic Charm Cushion Cover

Fall in love all over again with your old sofa sets. How? Add 2 cubic charm cushion covers for your Cushion. It all looks so new and wonderful. It comes with 100% cotton and is so comfortable and stylish. 

Wrapping up

Add on the perfect range of home decor items from Trident company , one of the leading yarn manufacturers in India to get the best kind of decoration and look for your bedroom. It gives you a perfect sense of beauty and class.


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