You can dock at any port in runescape

I avoid discussions like this, and usually I just let them go at it until they are labeled “nolife” or something RuneScape 2007 Gold. However, today I was feeling pretty bad and decided to start the discussion with a strong opening sentence. This is absolutely true. “I’M BLACK and I PLAY RUNESCAPE!” Surprise! In a brief moment, I felt pure power, like my balls were growing by a couple of inches…

It was a good feeling. This isn’t true. In reality, they are fallows. I wasn’t sure whether they were really serious. I’d like to add the following lines, but I’m sure anyone can tell you how the chat box looked after those first few lines. *racist comment. Smiley. Racist comment. You can also join at the level 132.

I usually quit conversing around this time because of my wimpy nature. It was becoming very intriguing and i couldn’t resist. Level 132 says that he has an entire clan of black people! Player1 states that his father is a part of the clan and dislikes blacks.

The Mr Level 132 counters are adorned with something like. “I’ll be all blacky chanted up with you arses.” The shizzle hits the fan when other slayers join the fight and choose sides. There were eight of us in the dungeon at the time. Every1 except the level 116 was on the side of racism, shouting racist stuff and making the chat room appear like it was written by 50 cents OSRS Gold For Sale. All of us ignored the level 116 who didn’t speak a single word.

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