You Can’t Be Everything to Everyone

There’s a simple truth in life that you can’t be everything to everyone. For many of us with that burning desire to make a difference—that is a hard truth to swallow. We want to believe that we can help everyone, not just a handful.

Maybe you started your business with the humble goal of enriching people’s lives and providing authentic solutions to real-world problems. With this empathetic mindset, you skipped defining your target audience because you believe that a narrow focus limits your impact on the world.

Yet, if we approach this topic from a different perspective, lacking a clearly defined target audience actually dehumanizes your brand. To be human is to embrace our vast diversity. From what we need to what we like and the problems we face, we are all exquisitely unique—and therefore see the world through different lenses.

Social Media Marketing that targets the masses can’t possibly dig deep and connect audience members with your brand on an emotional level when we all move through life with diverse perceptions. And messaging that is too broad can’t possibly make a robust impact on the world.

A practical, empathetic marketing strategy includes powerful, emotionally engaging content that your target market will feel was meant just for them—because it was!

What is a Target Market?

A target market is simply the phrase used to describe the group of people that need what you have to offer. (And again, that’s not everyone—and that’s okay.)

Clearly defining your target market:

Allows brands to connect on deeper levels with their audience because the content you create specifically touches on things relevant to them.

Means you won’t waste time placing content where your target audience rarely hangs out. Be intentional. Part of understanding your audience is knowing where they like to hang out.

Allows you to make a real impact on people’s lives because you know what pain points your customers continually face. You can refine your products and services to alleviate those problems.

Ensures your marketing strategy is cost-effective.

Your target audience is out there. They need your help. Defining your audience better equips you to reach them with ease and make the most of your marketing strategy.

How to Find Your Tribe

To find your tribe, you must know who you are looking for. Otherwise, you’ll wander around aimlessly, missing many opportunities to genuinely connect with your audience. Begin by looking at your niche. What is the overall persona of someone drawn to what you offer?

But don’t stop there. You need to know demographics—ages, genders, family structure and education levels. Now, go deeper. Psychograpics take you further inside the mind of your audience. Knowing specific tendencies, characteristics and preferences of potential customers will help you discover who it is you are creating for.

As an empathetic brand, you want to know fully and genuinely engage with the people looking for the solutions you can provide. This is precisely why defining a target market ultimately deepens your impact rather than limiting it.

Telling Your Story

Think back to when you were a kid. You can probably remember specific books or stories that you loved. And maybe some you did not. That’s because not all stories are meant for you—and that’s okay.

As a Social Media Marketing Agency, accepting that not everyone needs to hear your story is an empowering thing because it allows you to focus your attention on those who do need it. Rather than throwing a vague message out there about who you are, work to connect deeply with your tribe.

And if you are looking for expert help to discover and craft messages that tell your story and cultivate a sense of belonging for your target audience, don’t hesitate to reach out. At Branding Bear, we love helping brands bring real value, meaning and purpose into the world. Together we can make beautiful things happen!

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