It’s no secret that we all have been smitten by the beauty of Kashmir, and also that it’s on every Indian’s travel bucket list. Here’s a list of the top 4 locations you cannot miss out on if you’re planning a Kashmir trip, along with a recommendation on what you can experience in these places. Enjoy!


  1. Srinagar

First on the list is the capital of paradise on Earth- Srinagar. It is the largest city of Kashmir and a place that provides a close outlook of the culture and cuisine of the state. This makes it one of the first stopovers for every traveler on a Kashmir trip. It makes your heart throb with its tall green mountains and the gem of the city, Dal Lake is cherry on top.

You should experience the beautiful houseboat on Dal Lake, which is usually included in your Kashmir tour package. And telling you, sipping tea while watching the sunset from your houseboat is an experience you’ll cherish for your life.

  1. Gulmarg

The names of most of the places and valleys in Kashmir package  translate to some literal meaning. Thus, Gulmarg translates to ‘Meadows of Flowers’. It is due to the spread of vibrant flowers against the backdrop of snow that makes Gulmarg one of the most memorable places for most travelers.

You will see red and yellow flowers as far as you can see, but surprisingly snow is within a hand’s distance from you. It makes a wonderful spot for exploring it on your own or even hiking up the mountain to get a mesmerizing view.


  1. Sonamarg

As Gulmarg is called the ‘Meadow of Flowers’, Sonamarg translates to ‘Meadow of Gold’. It is carpeted with lush yellow flowers, which bloom during the spring season and resemble a gold valley, and thus the name.

Different from the hustle-bustle of Srinagar, Sonamarg offers you a space to relax away from the crowd. The best way to explore it is by simply walking around the wooded hillside with a camera in your hands to capture the golden beauty of Sofamarg.


  1. Pahalgam

Considered as an illustration of heaven on earth, Pahalgam is situated at an altitude of 2740 m.  It is surrounded by dense forests, beautiful lakes, and meadows of flowers. Tranquility and serenity are the other names of Pahalgam! This tiny town is known to suck out all the stress of every visitor on their Kashmir trip.

While you’re in Pahalgam, you should give horse riding a definite try. Pahalgam is said to be India’s Switzerland and experiencing it on a horse’s back is quite a thrilling adventure in itself!

Hopefully, it was an informative blog and you got to know more about the hot spots of the beautiful valley of Kashmir. Apart from the aesthetic value, it offers, you get to learn a lot about its culture and history when you actually experience it in person.

So, all the best on your future Kashmir trip!!





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