You have duplicate Agathion and Class cards

Lineage2M’s in-game content is designed to allow players to Lineage 2M Diamonds improve their game through regular gameplay. You have three options that you could benefit from this philosophy:Process of acquiring “Class” is usually obtained by using Class Cards. However, thanks to the ‘path’ system users can advance to a higher level of their preferred class once the desired level is reached.

This means that if you are consistent in your play and keep playing, you’ll accumulate cards and level-up.Codex items that are acquired during game play may not seem necessary initially, but that’s just before you be aware of the Codex system.

This system permits players to gain levels using the excess items they acquire while playing. If you play frequently, you’ll attain high Codex completion, and also accumulate things that aren’t useful to your character or class, however, in Lineage2M you’ll earn compensatory stats and bonuses for the objects as well as your efforts.

Card Fusion: Just like any random drawing, you might discover that you have duplicate Agathion and Class cards. In fusion, or combining your old cards, it is possible to effectively make new Class/Agathion-themed cards. In fact, there’s the possibility of creating stronger cards by performing fusion, so the more class/agathion duplicates you gather, the better the chance of you acquiring cards of higher quality.

The game is designed to be played on different platforms, buy Lineage 2M Diamonds benefits from the latest gaming software tech including:PC PURPLE offers a well-optimized crossplay and PC experience by supporting up to 4K resolution graphics and the customisation of controls keys.

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