You might go on good missions

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, both good and evil characters have almost identical classes. So that needn’t be considered a consideration.Do you would like to be good or evil? This is really a decision. If you decide on to play an evil character, you may be sent on evil, amoral missions that may test if the vileness. If you play a fantastic character at, you might go on good missions to thwart evil designs. Both sides should have both bad and the good choices to make, causing Faction points, however you should select the side you most would ENJOY playing in.

If you choose the other side that you would naturally do, you may find the conversations and role play just a little awkward and strange sometimes. You can be considered a Jedi Knight who picks the many Darkside options, yet it’s a bit weird, contrived, and you’ll not benefit from the game as often. So choose what fits your character best, and tweak that when you play out your story.Learn Your Ship – Around level 15 roughly, you’ll get a ship.

Congratulations! Now you can do fleet missions, which can be largely irrelevant but fairly fun little rail missions. But before you begin those, you’re likely to want to visit upgrade your ship. Level 1 ship upgrades are cheap and immediately available, and may also be enough to transport you through the majority of the ship missions.

If a door has a red forcefield over it, you just aren’t the right class or on the correct mission to enter. Players of other classes can accompany your body on its story missions, but you will need to tick a menu option before players of the class can join you.But other players won’t get credit for completion of one’s story missions ESO gold .That means all loot and XP is yours. They will, however, get experience from your enemies they kill, along with the warm glow that comes from helping a chum.

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