You Must Ask These 5 Questions To Immigration Consultants Before Hiring

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Immigration becomes a common trend as people immigrate to developed countries for better job opportunities, careers, education, and lifestyle. The immigration process is not as simple and joyful as the feeling of immigrating abroad. Every country has its own rigid immigration laws that should be followed while applying for a visa. However, everyone wants visa approval on the first attempt. Therefore, when it comes to the immigration process, it’s essential to hire immigration consultants. Finding a reliable and certified consultant is also important as the whole process depends on their skills and valuable knowledge.

In order to find the best immigration consultant, it’s important to ask some questions. In this guide, we listed the top five questions that you must ask before hiring an immigration consultant.

1) Are you registered with ICCRC?

Every country has a licensing system to protect immigrants, and it’s important to ask the immigration consultant about their certification. A non-registered consultant or immigration consultant company can misguide you, and your visa might not get approved. Getting assistance with them means filing your visa process yourself. Therefore, check their name on the ICCRC official website, or you can also call the embassy to check whether they are registered or not. You can also ask for their licence and registration number.

2) How long have you been working in the industry?

Hiring an experienced immigration company increases the chance of visa application approval as an experienced one knows all the process and approves the application process in the first round. Experience taught them knowledge of the industry, and they also have good connections with the embassy staff, helping in easy application approval. Therefore, it’s also an important question to ask the immigration consultant about their work experience.

3) What task would you handle to approve my visa application?

The Visa application process is challenging as several tasks are involved in the process, from paperwork to interviews. So, before hiring a certified immigration consultant, ask them about their roles and responsibilities and in which areas they will assist you. Will they submit the application process and assist you in interviews? Find out what tasks they can undertake for you.

4) What is your service charge?

It’s best to ask the immigration consultant about the fees and how you can break down the cost. A good immigration consultant is apparent and clearly explains the service charge. However, vague service charges can cause further disputes; thus, it’s essential to ask the immigration consultant about the service cost. Plus, also find the payment modes they accept and try to facilitate a payment plan from the immigration consultant.

5) Why should I choose your service over other immigration consultants?

Last but not least, it’s one of the important questions to ask your immigration consultant. Find out their strengths and weaknesses as the visa application process is challenging, and it’s imperative for you to get the assistance of the best one. Also, find the number of clients they had worked with and hire them with deep research.


Many consulting firms promise to provide the best immigration services but never believe in their words. Ask the above-mentioned questions and choose one that meets your needs. Ensure that your immigration consultant attains the exceptional features and helps you in easy visa approval. To know more about us visit our official website:

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