You Need a Whip Light for Your Off-Roader

Whip light is a kind of car beauty equipment used to dress off-road vehicles. But the reality is that LED whip lights can not only make your off-road vehicle look cooler, but also improve the safety of driving on the highway.

This guide aims to analyze for readers what are the benefits of whip lights and whether it is legal to use whip lights.

What’s the use of whip lights?

  1. Make your car look cooler

The biggest feature of the led whip is its brilliant color. Many car owners are attracted by the beautiful appearance of the whip lights.

360° spiral LED whips have 20 color combinations, 5 brightness levels and 10 flash modes. You can customize the color combination of the whip light according to your own preferences and style.

If you no longer like the original color setting, you can replace it at any time.

In addition, all whip lights are also equipped with a remote control. One-to-one remote control makes it easier to switch the whip light mode.

The brilliant colors of the whip lights make your car no longer monotonous, and even make your off-road vehicle a unique existence instantly.

  1. Ensure safety during driving

Whip lights can not only make your off-road vehicle look cooler, but also improve your off-road safety.

Whenever you are driving on sand dunes or dry roads, the excessively fast speed will bring up a lot of dust, thereby reducing the visibility of local areas.

This makes it difficult for other vehicles to see the road conditions, and vehicles are very prone to collisions.

However, using our super bright utv whip light can effectively solve this problem. 2PCS 4FT whip lights can see good lighting effects even in the worst conditions.

Installing whip lights on your car can make your off-road vehicle become very dazzling at night or in a sandy environment with low visibility. Thereby improving the safety of your off-road driving.

The whip light is equipped with an upgraded version of the spring base, which can better cushion the pressure and prevent the bottom from breaking.

In addition, our ground whip light also has IP67 waterproof, sand-proof and shock-proof functions, you can use it in any weather conditions.

Is it legal to whip the lamp?

The regulations on the use of LED whip lights in various states in the United States are not consistent.

Under normal circumstances, you may not be fined for using the super bright utv whip lights, but you may be stopped by the police because of the color of the whip light.

Therefore, when using LED whip, be very careful to use the colors of warning lights often used by police departments, including white, amber, blue, green, red, and combinations of these colors.

In addition, because red and blue are easier to see at night and in low visibility conditions, red and blue warning lights are reserved for emergency vehicles.

No matter which state you are in, you should use these two colors with care.

Don’t hesitate, come to buy a cool whip light for your off-road vehicle!

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