You need the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration to sell on Etsy

Looking for a simple way to handle product listings, inventory, and orders? Knowband’s OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration is the perfect addition. From the admin interface, the OpenCart Etsy Integration Module controls Etsy marketplace operations. For instance, product listing, inventory, and orders.

The OpenCart Etsy Integrator gives you a simple way to sell your items, manage your inventory, and handle your orders on Etsy. Both the OpenCart shop and the Etsy Marketplace are manageable from a single admin panel using the plugin. The store owner can combine both stores in a few easy steps. Etsy OpenCart API integration allows the shop owner to bulk upload items and more. Further, saving both times and work for the administrator. The mapping of Etsy Marketplace properties and categories to the OpenCart shop makes the uploading procedure straightforward. The OpenCart extension simplifies order handling for business owners. Order statuses on the Etsy Marketplace can are simply modifiable from the store’s backend.

The reasons to choose the OpenCart Etsy Integration Extension to sell on Etsy?

The OpenCart Etsy Integration Plugin makes it simple to handle accounts

The OpenCart Etsy Connector has a profile management tool. Further, it assists merchants in building profiles and selecting basic parameters for listing products. Select Shop Section, Auto-Renew Option, and a few more forms to translate the OpenCart shop category to the Etsy Marketplace category. Further, they also need stages to build a profile.

Update items regularly with Etsy OpenCart Connector

The OpenCart Etsy Integrator has an auto-renew functionality that allows administrators to instantly restore goods. Furthermore, the ones that have expired after a certain period. This functionality is also available in the OpenCart Etsy API integration’s Profiles tab.

Etsy OpenCart API integration has a pricing monitoring function

Using the OpenCart to Etsy Synchronization, admins can sell their items on Etsy for varying prices than in their OpenCart shop. The OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration allows you to offer items based on a set or percentage-based greater or lesser pricing.

Monitoring of orders is effortless

The OpenCart Etsy Connector has an order administration functionality. Further, it allows merchants to sync Etsy store orders to their Opencart store. Even orders from the Opencart store are processed using this function. In addition, the Etsy Marketplace can be updated with the most recent Etsy order status.

The OpenCart to Etsy Synchronization syncs orders

With this procedure, Etsy orders will synchronize to the OpenCart store. Click the ‘Orders Synchronization’ button to import orders from Etsy to Opencart. The Synchronization tab of the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration has this capability.

Orders from Etsy

The shop admin can handle orders from within the OpenCart framework with Etsy orders. This capability is advantageous in terms of time and effort savings. With the aid of Etsy orders, store managers can easily handle Etsy orders.

The OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration provides shipping templates

The Etsy OpenCart Integration’s shipping themes functionality makes it easier to handle shipping on the Etsy marketplace. The OpenCart extension allows the shop administrator to create shipping templates. Furthermore, the ones that sync with Etsy, much like the Etsy Marketplace.

Final thoughts on the OpenCart Etsy Integration Extension by Knowband

Marketplaces are critical to the success of the eCommerce industry. Further, various new markets have arisen and declared their position in the eCommerce ecosystem. That is too similar to Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. When it comes to selling your items on Etsy, you’ll require OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration. The extension by Knowband comes in really handy when you decide to sell on the platform. With the popularity of the platform, every merchant wants to increase the revenues of the business. Therefore, they choose the OpenCart module to sell on Etsy.

Why choose Knowband?

Knowband is best described as an eCommerce plugin and marketplace integration development business. Knowband offers plugins for a variety of platforms, including Opencart, Prestashop, and others. Along with effective modules, Knowband also offers post-sales assistance to consumers so they can get answers to their questions. You can contact the support team at They will be there to help you through the entire process without any hesitation. Moreover, the company also provides a demo version of the plugin on the products page. You can try your hand at it and see the practical approach.

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