You recently made the announcement of J. Cole

We have the Jordan NBA 2K MT challenges. They’re back but they’re bigger. Better. There’s been a lot of buzz about about, each and every one of them, but the one which is going to be really emotional, and the one I’m interested in going back to and reliving is Kobe. The first time they will play each other. It’s going to be a lot of entertaining. I’m a big MyTeam player, and I was pretty excited about to more contracts and three-way online-based co-op.

You recently made the announcement of J. Cole having his own album cover. What happened and why? Three and a half years ago, when he dunk during one of the breaks on the All-Star Weekend Saturday Night, J. Cole said ‘Ronnie I’d like to be in MyCareer and help think about the ideas around that.I collaborated with our team to bring this idea into existence, but it was perfect to collaborate with him. It’s great that it’s known as”the Dreamer Edition, because it was like one of those dreams that was manifested over several years. It took a long time to make it happen.

Naturally, his entry into the basketball world and playing abroad and doing a number of huge things in the world of basketball. When we first released the tease, everyone thought that it would become another Buy NBA 2K MT player in the basketball world… You can see it was a fantasy that was realized and we are so happy that we can live in fashion, culture and music. 2K has a seat at the table at present.

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