You should play Path of Exile

Freedom. Power. Revenge.

You will play Duelist, watch, Ranger, Templar, marauder, shadow, or scion in the Path of Exile as you are expelled for your misconduct in the dark, cruel wraeclast world. From the forgotten coast to the ruins of the city of Sanne, explore Wraeclast and discover the old secrets that await you.

Infinite character customization

Create and customize hundreds of unique skill combinations from tradeable gem by gem and our huge passive skill tree. Combine skill gem, accessory gem and trigger gem to create your own unique combination of strength, defense and damage.

Fatal mission

Each forgotten master has his own mission style, and each mission has many changes. As you explore wraeclast in depth, the pool of available variants increases, challenging you in new ways. All tasks and their variants can occur anywhere in the game, including in the final game map.

Dress up kill

The way of exile is related to goods. Find, collect and trade magic, rare and unique items with arcane attributes, then build around the most deadly combination of custom characters you have.

Cruel competition game

Fight in the PVP championship season and capture the flag event to gain worldwide recognition. Participate in daily leagues and contests that run their respective game worlds and economies as separate game worlds to win valuable prizes.

Customize your hiding place

“The forgotten masters traveled extensively throughout the World of war and found the ideal place for exiles to hide in secret. After gaining master’s trust, you may be taken to a hiding place where you can create your own personalized town. Masters living in your hideout provide you with daily tasks and training in advanced hand-made methods. Use your hideout as a quiet place to craft after a battle, or expand it and use it as a personalized guild hall with hundreds of decorations.

Fair play. Never buy poe currency.

We are committed to creating a level playing environment for all players. You can’t take advantage of the game by spending real money on the Path of Exile.

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