You’ll lose your partner in bed in the following ways

When you’re in bed with your partner, you don’t want to turn them off. A few mistakes you can avoid ruining your sexual relationship are listed below.

Weighting down your partner – You can do this regardless of your gender! Sometimes when you’re with your lover, you can lose yourself in the moment and go crazy. Nevertheless, your weight must not be shifted onto him when you’re lying on top of him. By choking him or restricting his ability to breathe, you will have lost any chance of a second round. 

Be careful not to laugh – If he does something amusing or tickling, it will amuse or tickle you. But it is not okay to laugh because you feel insecure, uncomfortable, or nervous. We are talking about sex here, not child’s play. A partner who laughs may feel his not doing it right, not being manly enough, or has a small penis as a result. In disappointment, he will feel embarrassed so he quickly puts on his pants.

You'll lose your partner in bed in the following ways

Fish that have died and unpleasant clothes – In other words, you don’t move and don’t moan; you just lie there. There is nothing sexy about dead-fish syndrome during sex. In addition, you should buy some sexy night dresses that will erect his penis so that he can harness his sexual desire. Wear your best nightgown, move on the bed, make sounds, and feel the presence of a woman beside him. Unless you consider this point, you’ll lose your partner to another woman who can turn him on.

Selfies with a sexy twist are fun – Maybe you want to capture this moment, to have a video of this person because they are super hot, interesting, classy, or maybe it’s just the fact that you may not have a chance to bed with him or her in the near future (and you’ve been trying to date him or her for quite some time). Rather than taking a sex selfie or video, savor the moment by mentally picturing this charming scene. Especially when there is an open relationship involved, most partners do not like to be filmed. As soon as you bring out a camera, the partner may drop off the bed to prevent blackmail and scandal.

Let me hear dirty talk – Talking dirty to a woman can turn her on. Imagining what you’re going to do to her will stimulate her biggest sex organ (the brain!) whereas talking about your ex-partner’s sexual encounters can drive a woman insane. A conversation about your ex during sex will make her feel jealous, which is not what she needs to hear. Talk about your dad, why is your vagina loose, momma’s girls, who slept with you last, etc. Such phrases can trigger sudden weakness.

Repeating the same process – If you use adult accessories, like dildo, tango, magic wand, etc., then you may experience some new techniques. This type of adult product can be found at any online adult store. Your partner will be satisfied with the level of sexuality you demonstrate using sex toys, and you will probably want her to come back for more unless you want to lose her to another man who is ready and willing to satisfy his sexual desires.

The act of calling her by another name – When you forget who you are about penetrating, they are the greatest offense you have committed. Using another name (especially your ex’s) by a woman will make her never want to see you again. You should not call her names that will quench her fire in that situation. If you must, at least take care to keep all sharp objects out of sight because you might end up in the hospital.

Having the climax too early or too late – When you ejaculate early after she didn’t have an orgasm, she may be disappointed, because you have lost your erection. That’s funny. Your cum shouldn’t be released too fast or too late, as this will push her away. Women generally don’t like prolonged sex, best sex lasts between 10 and 20 minutes…Marathon sex is entirely different. Most women don’t like prolonged sex.

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