Your Favourite Xbox Games Are Coming to Android

Microsoft has announced that over 100 Xbox game titles are going to be playable in Android. This is made possible by using the Xbox Game Pass and the Project X Cloud. Players who were waiting to play Xbox One games on Android are in for a treat. As all of these games will be based on the project X cloud, you will not be required to download these heavy games on your Android device. All the games will be streamed from Microsoft cloud. This also means there will be no strain in your phone processors for running the games.

Microsoft has not revealed the complete list of the titles that will be available in Android. The list is expected to be released soon. However, Microsoft did provide a teaser for the games that will be available. Project X Cloud is scheduled to launch on September 15th for the Android mobile gaming platform.

A few confirmed titles that are going to be announced for Android are; Minecraft Dungeons, Gears 5, Destiny 2, Tell Me Why, and Yakuza Kiwami 2. These are just some of the games; the actual list will have a lot more of games as Microsoft has promised to bring over a 100 titles.

Microsoft has also announced that the team intends to make Xbox Game Studio titles playable through the Project X Cloud from day one. So users need not worry about their game progress as all of their achievements, in-game purchases, and friend lists will automatically be transferred to the Android adaptation of the cloud-based games.

Signing Up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

All the players who wish to play the Xbox One titles in their Android smartphones will need to get an Xbox Game Pass. Signing up for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will cost you $1 for the first month, but after that, the subscription will cost $14.99/month. An Xbox Game Pass app will be made available to the Android Play Store, which will work like a companion app connecting the two platforms. This subscription to the game pass will give you access to all the games based on Project X Cloud to be played from your Android device and from your console and computer.

This new announcement has certainly made us excited for what’s coming. It looks like the future will be based on a cloud-based gaming environment where the users will just need to pay a subscription and then enjoy the games by streaming them to their devices.

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