Your Future Career in Law Begins at El Camino College

Why El Camino College?

El Camino College’s Paralegal Studies Program is American Bar Association approved.  This gives you a competitive advantage to secure a job as most employers want candidates with a degree or certificate from an ABA approved program.  Our experienced instructors are practicing attorneys and judges who give students the right training and tools needed to be successful paralegals.  We offer day and evening classes that makes scheduling classes easier and allow for students to begin their careers as Paralegals in as few as four semesters. Steps on How to Become a Paralegal in la

A day in the life of a paralegal.

Do you want to work in a corporate or business environment?  Law firm? Government or education?  Paralegals work in all of these environments, in different areas of law, such as family law, contracts, immigration, business and estate planning.

What do paralegals earn?

According to the 2020 Robert Half Legal Salary Guide, the current salary range for Paralegals with 2-3 years of experience in Los Angeles is $54,780 – $89,100.

How do you become a paralegal?  Let’s get you started.

Have an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree already?

You’re ready for our ABA-approved Certificate Program, an 11 course, 33-35 academic unit program that will give you the skills you need to become a successful Paralegal in about four semesters.  Seven required courses focus on the fundamentals of law, laying a foundation that will help you become better a paralegal.  In addition, you choose four elective courses focused on your areas of legal interest.

Are you a new college student or working your way towards a college degree?

The Associate in Arts Degree Program is for you.  Our ABA-approved Degree Program combines the requirements of the Certificate with 27-30 units of general education courses.  In addition, by earning a 3.0 gpa or higher in the legal specialty courses, you can earn your Associate’s Degree and Certificate at the same time. Paralegal Degree Program in la

Upon completing El Camino College Paralegal Studies major requirements, students will be prepared to apply their learned skills and knowledge of the law and legal services in providing direct assistance to attorneys; prepare or interpret legal documents; draft pleadings, interview clients and summarize their complaints, problems or requests.

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