Your Guide to Buying Jade Bracelet

You’ve likely heard about Jade bracelet and wondered what it’s all about – does it have any magical powers? Does it increase your luck? And how can you use it to your advantage in the best way possible? This guide will go over everything you need to know so that you can make an informed decision before buying yourself or someone else one as a gift.

How Does Jade Help?

While there is no conclusive evidence about how jade improves health, some Chinese medicine practitioners claim that wearing a jade bracelet on your wrist can improve blood circulation and immune system. However, it should be noted that these claims have not been verified. Jade can also provide an excellent source of Feng Shui energy for homes and businesses when placed in a spot where its powerful effects can flow throughout a given space. These spots are typically found near entryways or doorways but they could also exist in hallways or any other space that provides access to every corner of a property.

What Type of Jade?

The first thing you need to know about buying Jade bracelets is that there are actually many types of jade. The two most common types are nephrite, which comes in dark green and white hues, and jadeite, which is more green than white. However, you can also find jade in reds and blacks as well as pinks and whites; it’s just a matter of knowing what type you want so that you don’t end up with something totally different than what you imagined when purchasing your bracelet. Jadeite tends to be softer than nephrite, making it easier to carve into intricate designs but less durable for everyday wear.

Where do I buy Jade?

Ideally, you’ll want to purchase your Jade bracelet from a store that specializes in Jade. If you are buying online, ensure that you have read all of the product details carefully and that you contact customer support with any further questions before making your purchase. Paying attention to detail like these is how you can avoid spending hundreds of dollars on poor quality products or potentially fraudulent purchases. Once you know what kind of jade bracelet fits your personal style and preference, it’s easier for make an informed decision about where to buy jade bracelets from.

How much should I spend on a jade bracelet?

Often, price isn’t a good indicator of quality. In most cases, if you want high-quality jade, you’ll have to spend more. However, there are some exceptions. Lower priced bracelets often use synthetic materials and colorants instead of natural jade. If quality is important to you, avoid synthetic materials and ensure that your stone is naturally mined and finely polished by checking for certificate markings on your bracelet’s packaging or business card. When it comes down to it though, spend as much as you can afford on your Jade Bracelet because there will always be another one that costs less than yours, so enjoy it while you can!

Final Thoughts

When buying a jade bracelet, it is important to take care when handling it. Storing a jade bracelet in a plastic bag can cause mold or fungus growth and destroy its quality. They can also be damaged if left on radiators, as heat will cause them to sweat and lose their natural luster. In general, it is recommended that you store your jade bracelet somewhere dry and away from direct sunlight, such as in its original box or wrapped in cloth. Most of all, keep one thing in mind: don’t buy a fake!

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