During the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us are forced to make certain lifestyle changes large and small. Eyeglass and face masks can be an issue and the question is how will the foggy eyeglasses fit in? Many glasses wearers are constantly bothered with foggy eyeglasses as they wear a face mask while going out and about in public during this coronavirus pandemic. This is a complex issue that is concerned with near and far-sighted people. The concern emerges from coughing while wearing a mask, the moisture; hot air escapes through the top of the mask and instantly fogs up the eyeglasses, which unexpectedly impairs the person’s vision. In order to prevent foggy eyeglasses and help mask-wearers see properly, doctors suggested various hacks. There are products and tricks that involve common household items that could help the eyeglass wearers fog-free while wearing a face mask.

Soap and Water

Washing the prescription eye glasses with soapy water helps to prevent condensation, doctors say. Doctors were on the frontlines of this innovation, long before the coronavirus pandemic as they wear face masks every day. Clean your eyeglasses with soapy water immediately before wearing your face mask and allow them to air dry will prevent fogging. Soapy water produces a ‘thin surfactant film’ that temporarily prevents the surface tension that allows glasses to fog up from breaths directed upwards by face masks. However, this is not a permanent solution and must be repeated a few times a day. If you are looking to buy essential eyewear during COVID-19 lockdown, AusSpecs is accepting your online orders and providing doorstep delivery in order to support the community to stay safe.

Anti-fog spray and wipes

Anti-fog treatment wipes help make your specs temporarily fog-free and are cheap. Anti-fog chemical sprays prevent the eyeglasses from gathering moisture. Swimmers sometimes use this similar anti-fog sprays to prevent foggy goggles in the middle of a race. Anti-reflective coating ca be applied to your prescription glasses and is available from AusSpecs at an affordable price. Like soapy water these sprays are designed to prevent condensation from sticking to the eyeglasses. Be careful not to bring chemicals close to your eyes. Defogging your eyeglasses is not worth causing irritations that may affect your vision in more serious ways.

A flexible ‘nose’

Some face masks come up with a metal nose clip that helps the wearer to reduce the amount of moisture that comes in or out of the mask. When you are sewing homemade masks, you can use lightweight objects such as bobby pins, paper clips or pipe cleaners to create a fitted ‘nose’. It is worth noting that they will be securely fastened to ensure they don’t slip out and scratch your skin.

Tape your mask to your face

Fold a tissue and tie it with surgical tape to the bridge of your nose beneath your mask, as a kind of shield to block the moisture that rises up into your spectacles. It is very difficult to create a smooth seal around the nose, because the physiology of the human nose varies so widely. However, before you leave home, the tape should be properly secured so that it doesn’t slide around and defeat its intent.

Fold-down part of the mask and folded tissues

This may sound like the easiest way to mitigate the problem, but it is not as simple as it sounds. Folding down the top quarter of a face mask gives you extra space for your breath to escape before it hits your eyeglasses. Bear in mind, though that this doesn’t work in masks with metal noses and more specifically it reduces the area protected by the mask.

Fold the tissue into a rectangle and attaching it to the face mask so that it sits on the bridge of the nose. The tissue blocks and extracts some of the moisture from the mask to keep the eyeglasses clear. Keeping the tissue in a place could be tricky, so it is important to do it right because you don’t continuously touch your face to adjust it. Thin tape- especially medical tape could work. If it sounds uncomfortable try one of the above choices mentioned.

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