Your Travel Bucket List in the USA

There are many places across the globe that most of us want to visit at least once and we have already added them to our travel bucket lists. Just like that, many destinations in the USA are also popular and people around the world come here to experience them. In this post, we are also going to talk about some of the destinations in the US that should be on your bucket list, irrespective of the fact whether you are a citizen of America or will travel here from a different country.

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Let us have a look at those places in the USA where you must visit at least once.


National Parks

Around 62 amazing national parks are there in the USA, and none of your vacations can complete without visiting at least one. These parks are not only famous for their wildlife and a wide range of plants but also for their natural beauty. Here is a list of some of the famous National Parks in the country:

  • The Great Smoky Mountains
  • The Grand Canyon
  • The Grand Teton
  • The Rocky Mountain
  • Canyonlands
  • Zion
  • Yellowstone
  • Yosemite


New York

New York is a must-have on your travel bucket list. Even a short trip to this beautiful American city can energize your body and freshen up your mind & soul. The Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and the Empire State Building are some of the attractions of New York that you must visit. Whether with family or friends, you’ll remember the trip to New York for a long. Oh yes, do not forget to visit lower Manhattan.

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Northern Lights of Alaska

Thousands of tourists from around the world come to Alaska to experience the beautiful and mysterious Northern Lights, so why don’t you? Alaska is where you can also see gigantic whales, the jaw-dropping beauty of tidewater glaciers, and spectacular wildlife at the national parks.


Don’t Forget Vegas

Las Vegas is considered to be the entertainment capital of the world. Magnificent neon lights, sparkling casinos, and rooftop pools can define Vegas the best. But we must say that the American city is much more than this. You’ll forget all your stress while partying in Vegas and feel like you’re in another world. Las Vegas is lit.

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Bring Your Inner Child Out in Theme Parks

The USA is one of the best countries in the world in terms of having gigantic and magical Amusement parks. From Disneyland to Universal Studios Hollywood there are many to be chosen from. Everyone visiting these wonderful theme parks becomes a child and hence, it’ll be wrong to say that they are established only for kids. So, without these amusement parks, your travel bucket list in the USA would be incomplete.


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