Your Watch is a Stylish Accessory that Will Never Go Out of Fashion

Since smartphones came out, most experts claimed watches would become obsolete. Why would anyone use a watch when they could simply check their smartphone for the time? Everyone’s always looking at their smartphone all the time, anyway?

Truth is, a watch, especially a premium, automatic watch, is so much more than a time piece. Those that purchase and wear automatic watches know that. Owning an automatic watch offers several advantages, including:

  • Long Lasting: manufacturers design automatic watches to last a lifetime.
  • Shared Heritage: manufacturers hope and encourage owners to pass watches down through generations.
  • Quality Workmanship: because of their intended longevity, creating them requires top-notch skills and training.
  • Value Appreciates: most items, once purchased, begin depreciating. Not an automatic watch. Its value goes on growing.

Singular Style Statement: most people need, at least, a new hairstyle, wardrobe, and shoes to, maybe, make a fashion statement. A man slips on an automatic watch and, boom, he instantly makes a fashion statement.

These advantages apply, provided the automatic watch owner takes proper care of their watch.

Properly Caring for an Automatic Watch

When an individual first purchases an automatic watch, they must first set it to the proper time (and configure other settings, such as date and calendar, if applicable).

The watch wearer’s motions keep an automatic watch running (it all has to do with kinetic energy). If the wearer removes the watch and leaves it motionless for an extended time, the watch will eventually stop (this could take several days).

Some individuals wear their watches daily and never need to worry about their watches stopping. Others, however, only wear their watches sporadically or have a collection of watches. What do the latter do?

Some experts and wearers believe it is best to keep automatic watches running, especially those with more complicated functions. Such prevents them from having to re-set the watch each time they wear it. Some also believe allowing a watch to go on operating provides proper lubrication, which then prevents parts from hardening.

If you feel your watch needs to keep running for proper care and maintenance, a watch winder is an excellent investment.


Dukwin is passionate about automatic watches. It sought to care for its automatic watches and, several years ago, fell in love with watch winders. Such inspired it to create its own line and offer them to other enthusiastic, automatic watch owners.

Dukwin offers winders for two watches, watch winders with remote, and watch winders in fingerprint lock.

If you’re an avid automatic watch owner, look no further than Dukwin.

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