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This news is a major obstacle to the Manzell Return Alliance. If he signing a team, he has to accept the Alliance survey because he has been involved in the crop incident related to his ex-girlfriend and is accused.

“I want to make a huge contribution to some players who didn’t think when I started at the beginning of the season,” Rogers said. “We have Geronimo Allison, he dedicated to us. Alon Ripkowski is great. From Jared Cook (Jared COOK) From the performance of this season, he needs to be a priority renewal. As for the offensive front line, let them stay in the team to stay in our success. I really proud of these people. We struggled. We have been struggling. Faced with a war of back water and win some important games. We are a little bit. “

Bradley has served as defensive coordinators in lightning over the past four years, and the results of the previous two years were significant, but later, it was more moderate. The raid guard team often cord in the past three seasons, which eventually leads to Paul Guenther to lose their work.

The top salary in the running guard market is approximately $ 13 million in an average of about $ 13 million, and the idea of ​​using bonuses to make up for the price gap between the two sides, I have not agreed.

At August, ESPN also reported Gordon’s considering team events before the season, until returning to the team to ensure that they entered the free player market next year. It seems that this is his current plan. He will be fined by absence team events.

The raid person will make the front American Tiger coatter Bradley remittated a defensive coordinator

US time on Tuesday, Las Vegas raiders announced that Gus Bradley will be a new defensive coordinator.

So this is the state of Manzell, and he is one of the five first rounds of trip to the alliance since 2000. In March this year, he was blocked by Brown. He has previously got 2 wins and 6 loss of results for the team’s first eight games.

Lightning quartz, Philips Rivers, said herself “support” Gordon, but it needs to play with the team’s current offensive group. In the first game in the season, the lightning offensive group promoted 435 yards to help the team 30-24 overcome Indiana Polis.

Although this game reflects the impact of the packaging workers and the impact of the injury, it is difficult to play, and the four-point Wei Alon Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) after the game, it means that the package will only need small repair small repair Not full reconstruction.

Although Rogers say Rogers said that the packaging fans don’t put the expectations too high. Although the team is dissatisfied with the team, Ted Thompson, general manager of the team, is often tangled, and Ted Thompson is unlikely to change its own strategy to introduce free players.

Shelman pointed out that the players who liked their favorite players were able to forget something for their children, just as our event. He said: “They are shocked by themselves, I think it is like this, just like excited children, this moment let them forget all things, they only remember to laugh.”

The Lavolo was served as the leader in Sean Mcvay in the first year, served as the Los Angeles Roof Coordinator. Under the guidance of Lavlo, the four-point Guardian Goff completed its transformation and became one of the best quarters of the National United. The ram is the strongest team with the union. At the same time, the field proposes the number of code rankings, and they have entered the playoffs since 2004.

Bradley’s 2013-2016 four seasons served as the main coaches of the Americas, although there is a strong defensive performance, but the number of winners is not enough to let Jacksonville will leave him.

After witnessed the achievements of Ravlo in the ram, Frabir and Titan will hopes that he can maximize the potential of Marcus Marcus Mario Taga, wholesale nfl Jerseys and can help run Guardrick – Henry ( Derrick Henry is further further on the basis of the outstanding 2017 season. Compared with the 2016 season, the ram has been doubled more than double (14 points in 2016, 29.8 points this season), the total proposal number of Todd Gurley, the first , Gaoff’s quarter-branch ranking Rankings fifth.

Since Jaylen Fryberg, Jaylen Fryberg, I entered the school’s restaurant, causing 2 students to die, three children were injured, after the incident. Therefore, the players were asked to take the school to shoot as a psychological healing of children.

The school team in Marrisville was originally participated in the competition with Ok Hight High School last Friday. Due to shooting incidents, Okh Hig High School voted no longer compete, but handed the champion to Marriesville High School. . This behavior got Rarr’s appreciation, he praised this behavior is “extraordinary”.

4 points Wei Qiang Ni-Manzell 4 games

Let the four-dimensional manzie, Johnny Manzie, is currently unemployed, and no one is in the state of the snow, now he has to face four banquets in the 2016 season due to violation of alliance drug abuse regulations.

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