YouTube Music Becomes More Smart and Social

YouTube Music

Google is working on YouTube Music for securing its future. From time to time, Google is adding some features in their YouTube Music app. Recently, they have launched YouTube Music for Android TV.

Google has not yet found a perfect solution for bringing the full power of YouTube Music to its Android TV. They are still working on this part. But they have allowed their users to take advantage of some of the features of the YouTube Music app on their smart Android TV. Before getting excited about using this app on your TV, you should understand that the implementation of the app looks like a temporary solution. You can expect further addition to the features in the application.


Let’s come back to the features of YouTube Music. The services of the YouTube Music app are like Spotify. In the end, everyone will compare both the apps with respect to the features.

Google had added some interesting features like the ability to move your Music Library and explore the recommended music, library, or playlist in the YouTube Music app.

Social And Smart

After hearing these two words, people will easily relate these terms with the algorithm and artificial intelligence. The implementation of these two things is very crucial in the modern tech era. The ultimate goal of using these elements in any music app is to show the recommendations as per your likes and tastes.

New Features Of YouTube Music

If you use an online streaming platform for streaming or listening to music, then you might know the real value of the playlist. Having a playlist can help save your time when you want to play music instantly. So, there is a feature landing in this app that can help you in creating a playlist by learning about your listening habit. The process is also considered machine learning. There is nothing new in this idea. But they have added a feature to share the playlist with other users that can help you to customize the received playlist as per your taste.

The second feature of YouTube Music is also regarding your playlists. Now you can create the playlist by putting a theme in the name and wait for the response of Artificial intelligence.

Just wait for the update by Google and when it arrives on your device, enjoy the new and amazing features on your YouTube Music app.


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