Yurt Investments: Why You Need To Consider Buying A Yurt

If you are into travel, minimalistic living, or craving isolation once in a while, yurts are what you should consider. Not only do these houses provide comfort and the security of a home, but they also have beautiful aesthetics and unique settings.

That’s not all; in recent times, more people are investing in yurt homes because of their durability, customization options, and long-term financial benefits. But are yurts worth the investment? Below are a few reasons why you need to consider yurt homes as a long-term investment.


Although yurts are starting to gain popularity now, these homes have been around for years. These homes are durable and can last you for years. They might seem small, but the houses are made out of heavy-duty solid materials. For example, Smiling Woods Yurts uses high-quality wood, heavy glass, and concrete materials to construct every part of their yurt homes.

Modern contractors install snow and wind upgrades and stainless steel hardware to enhance durability. When you invest in a yurt, you can be sure your investment will maintain its quality for years.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Saving money and gaining high profit is always a top priority for any investor. You want to find investments that can cost you less and bring in quick ROI in the long run. If that defines your vision, then you need to invest in a yurt.

First and foremost, constructing a yurt is far more affordable than building a traditional home. Therefore, you will save money in that area. Alternatively, if you put up a vacation yurt, then the return on investment will skyrocket. More adventure lovers are willing to spend chunks of money on unique and luxurious yurts. Renting out your yurt facilitates return on investment.

Multiple uses

Did you know yurts can offer more than accommodation? Yes, you can generate passive income from your yurt in several ways. For example, you can turn it into a vacation rental. Nowadays, travelers are looking for alternative accommodation that offers a home feel compared to hotels.

Alternatively, you can turn your yurt into a beautiful small boutique or restaurant. The good thing, these yurts are very customizable. You can turn the interior of the yurt into a creative space, depending on your business ideas. Making passive income is always a smart way to grow financially.


With the increase in popularity, yurts are in demand. That means you can make more money during this period. As long as your yurt is well-maintained, you can resell it at a great price. Always keep your property desirable by adding stylish amenities and using state-of-the-art construction materials.
Here’s another fun fact. Most of the yurts in the market are portable. You don’t have to tear down the whole house. Therefore, when you resell it, the buyer can choose to carry the pre-cut parts to a different location.

In conclusion, yurts make a great long-term investment property. However, you need to purchase your yurt from reliable and highly skilled yurt suppliers. Smiling Woods Yurts use modern and durable construction materials to build solid yurts. They deliver and put up these homes in record time too. You won’t have to wait for months to move into your home or start your business.

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