Zed run rarity

Zed Run Clone Script is a readymade NFT Gaming Marketplace Script with which anyone can launch their own NFT Gaming Platform like Zed Run. Zed Run Clone Script, a highly customizable & completely tested NFT Marketplace website Script inherited with all the features and plugins like Zed Run platform that provides the end-users an unbeatable digital horse racing experience. Bitdeal – NFT Marketplace Development Company develops & deploy Zed Run Clone Script with features such as racing, breeding, various attributes, classes, coats and so much more to differentiate the horses that are backed up with NFTs.  Zed run rarity

Zed Run Clone Breeding Chart

There are 6 kinds of breed types mentioned  in the Zed Run CLone Breeding Chart such as Genesis, Prime, Master,Classic,Cross and Pacer. You can Identify genotypes in the Zed Run Clone Breeding Chart. The Purest breed of Zed Run Clone is Genesis Race Horses (Z1-Z10). It cannot be reproduced.

Features of Our Zed Run Clone Script


The platform launched using our Zed Run Clone Script allows you to buy your first Zed horse and you can participate in the game called racing. There are different classes and paid races are also present to make the gaming more interesting.

NFT Marketplace

Lets users to transfer, buy, sell and exchange nonfungible tokens(NFTs) by playing instore gaming. NFTs are the gaming rewards in those NFT Gaming Platforms like Zed Run.


The feature that lets us build a future for NFT horse racing on the platform, being an integral part of the Zed Run Clone Platform. Genesis horses and genotypes play a vital role inbreeding.


Our platform has attributes for horses such as bloodline, genotype, gender, coat and more. These attributes make the horses unique and the performance of future offspring as well.

What is Zed Run?

Zed Run is a most popular digital NFT Horse racing gaming Platform , where anyone can race on digital tracks and collect any one kind of horse. You can use thousands of dollars to increase your stable and breed any championship bloodlines. Thus Zed Run is a NFT based Horse breeding gaming ecosystem, that allows you to take part in breeding race horses & produce new offsprings.

How To Buy Zed Run Horses?

Once the drop gets open, filter by Z types from Z9 to Z10 and then click the coat colors for the fastest loading time. You must be prepared for all the lags, bugs and for the adaptation on the fly. Click on the horse and follow the prompts from Zed & MetaMask.

You have initiated the transaction and MetaMask will pop up & ask you to sign transactions.

If your horse didn’t appear on the stable,it can take time to be minted on blockchain & transferred.

How To Participate in The Racing of Horses in Zed Run?

After you buy the Zed Horse, you are allowed to participate in Racing. 12 horses enter each race and only three will receive a share of the prize pool.

There are 5 classes for raced horses and each horse must race in a free Griffin race before entering the paid races.

After that race, You will be put into various racing classes based on the genotype base rating & you can get into racing based on the rating.

There are also paid races in which you can enter into three paid races.

Breeding in Zed Run Platform

Breeding is an integral part of Zed Run and building a future for NFT horse racing on Zed. The males are put in the stud farm for females for choosing whom to breed with and the female keeps the child.

Genesis horses play the main role and only two Genesis horses can produce a Legendary offspring beyond which genotype plays a major role in the breeding.

How Often Breeding a Zed Run Horse Is Possible?

Zed Run has breeding limits where males(studs) can produce 3 children per month & females (mares) can produce 1 child per month. A child is bred, the Z number of parents are added to determine the Z number of children. Digital horse racing nft

Breeding Cost on Zed Run

The fees for breeding depends on the rarity of the horses & win rate. Some proven winners charge a premium for breeding into their bloodlines. Zed Run built on Polygon or Matic blockchain network has no gas fee for the producing offsprings.

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