Zoom CEO Accepts the Security and Privacy Issues, Says ‘We had some missteps’

Nowadays, the popular online video conferencing platform, Zoom, is trending due to the encryption issue in its service. The service was being criticized under the accusation of cheating customers through false terms and conditions of E2E encryption. Several critics stated that Zoom is not providing the proper security service to its clients.

Recently in an interview with CNN, Zoom’s CEO, Mr. Eric S. Yuan, stated that the company is facing several technical issues, and they all will be fixed soon. Our technical agents are working on it alongside the encryption issue. Actually, there is nothing to fix. As Zoom’s intentions are good, they will always do anything to provide reliable security to their clients. So, in reference to the context, he said we are taking on every criticism that has imposed on us. He added that they had learned their lesson, and now they are mainly focusing on their privacy and security features.

However, the interview went quite well in reference to Zoom as in his previous interview, Mr. Yuan seems pretty unconfident. The interview was with Wall Street Journal in which he stated that he had been led his company to a destructive path, and now it would be hard for Zoom to again attain the trust of their clients.

Zoom is availing a lot through on-going circumstances of the world; amid pandemic. All the offices and schools are working through Zoom. Thus it appears to hit an enormous growth. Through his blog, Mr. Yuan updated us on 1st April that Zoom has crossed over 200 million active user mark. The company was facing crises until 2019, December, with only 10 million users.

The jealousy of other video conferring platforms has led to harassment of Zoom. This all happened through specific planning through a program known as Zoombombing. In this program, several immigrant figures accessed and launch a meeting. Later, they showed the whole world that Zoom is facing security issues and their promise of an end to end encryption is also a hoax, soon after this conspiracy. Zoom has announced that they are stopping all their service upgrades for the upcoming 100 days and now will focus mainly on the security and privacy of their clients.

Prior to this concern, several schools in the state of New York has stopped using zoom soon after subsequent allegations. Whereas several news channels, including Washington Post, had also requested schools and offices not to use Zoom for video conferencing as it is a significant threat to their privacy and security.

Apparently, Zoom has attained enormous growth in a couple of months, especially thanks to amidst outbreaks. However, similar to the whole world, Zoom must also be the despair of the devastation that this spreading of the pandemic is occurring in the whole world.

Blair Lennon is a McAfee expert and has been working in the technology industry since 2002. As a technical expert, she has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as mcafee.com/activate.

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