Zoom Vs. Google Hangouts: Which One Is Better?

With the social distancing and stay-at-home measures to fight against the current health issue outbreak, the demand for video chat apps and other applications for smoothing work from home is on the rise. Several companies are providing better and better video chat apps and other applications to help people. But, among all, there seems too fierce competition between the two i.e., Google Hangouts and Zoom. Both the apps are super-powered, having a lot of features. But, the question still arises, which none is better for the people. Before answering the problem, we need to have a look at the features of both apps.

Chat From Google Hangouts

The significant advantage of Google Hangouts is its integration with applications of Google suite, which came both for enterprises and consumers. It is entirely web-based and available for free from Google and also has no limit on any calls.


One of the most popular video chat apps among the remote workers, Zoom also comes for free at Zoom. It provides superior audio and video quality along with facilitating free calls for a massive 100 people.

A Comparison between the two

It has become essential to have the right video chat apps, and other tools for keeping your coworkers and teammates communicating as most of the people all across the world are working from home. It is entirely on users to decide which video chat app is beneficial for them as both have different focus points. Zoom could be considered better when it comes to catering the larger enterprises and organizations with its better audio and video quality. On the contrary, the integration of several other apps with Google Hangouts makes it a favorite choice for smaller organizations.

In technical terms, Zoom is more impressive and enhanced than Google Hangouts as it provides the limit of 100 persons at every tier of calls, which also includes the free one. While calling through a video chat app, Zoom up to 49 persons would remain visible at the same time, which ultimately turns your call window into a massive place for communicating your colleagues at one time. Apart from that, Zoom provides HD audio and video quality, and there is no requirement for any application of desktop. However, if Zoom put limitation over the time limit of calls and it gets worst in free calls when the time limit is only 40 minutes. If you are working remotely, then you will need to shut down the app and start it again every day. However, the video chat app is the best for large enterprises and organizations with a large number of people able to dial in at one time.

In the case of Google Hangouts, the video chat app does not put any limit on the calls and not even on free calls. You don’t need to spend even a penny even though you are hanging out with your teammates and coworkers throughout the day. The integration of several other applications with Google Hangouts makes it a better choice for the smaller groups when it comes to catering them.

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