Zopiclone Treats Insomnia and Improves Sleep Wake Cycle


Millions of people across the world struggle to get asleep after retiring to bed. Occasional instances of insomnia are common and can occur due to workload, family problems or financial stress, but when this problem occurs more than 3 times a week regularly, and then a sleepless patient should use Zopiclone tablets under doctor’s supervision.


Zopiclone is an FDA approved medication from the category of drugs known as cyclopyrrolone which offer a quiet sleep after calming the brain and the central nervous system. A single pill of Zopiclone 7.5 tablets can offer an undisturbed sleep of 7-8 hours to a sleepless patient. This sedative-hypnotic reduces instances of midnight arousal and earning morning awakenings and promotes healthy slumber among insomniacs.


Dosage and usage instructions


First-time users of sleep medicines should start with a lower dose to avoid any unwanted side effects. Further, sleeping pills should preferably be taken for less than a fortnight. They have addictive qualities and their prolonged use can make the user dependent on them. Some patients develop tolerance after regular use and may require a higher dose to attain similar effects. Correct dosage is extremely important during insomnia treatment. If users forget to take a dose, they should not compensate the same with a double dose the next time.


Side effects 

Headache, nausea, stomach upset and drowsiness are some of the mild side effects which don’t bother the users for a long time. But adverse side effects such as irregular heartbeat, impaired vision or slurred speech must be immediately brought to the notice of a physician.



Zopiclone should never be taken by people who are allergic to the use of sleep medications. It should be avoided by minors, mentally challenged individuals, alcoholics and drug abusers. Pregnant women and lactating mothers must seek the opinion of a health care advisor before their use.


Insomnia patients should avoid the use of alcohol and recreational drugs during the course of treatment. Use of nitrates, alpha beta blockers, antidepressants and other sleep medications is strictly prohibited along with it.


Zopiclone shows better results with lifestyle changes

Sleeping pills prove to be more effective when they are complemented by proper diet, physical activity and lifestyle changes. Sleep disorder patients must avoid the use of electronic screens such as TV, laptop, mobile phones or tablets before bedtime. Secondly, they must stay away from the use of caffeine, nicotine and fatty meals before hitting the bed. Thirdly, they must ensure that the bedroom is noise-free and the bed and mattress are comfortable for a serene rest at night. And lastly, for quick results, they should avoid afternoon naps.


Yoga, meditation, cognitive behavior therapy and engagement in outdoors sports such as badminton or tennis can prove effective in inducing slumber. A hot glass of milk, a warm shower, listening to light music and use of chamomile tea can also promote drowsiness.


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