Important Points To Consider Before Selecting Work-Place Wall Mounted Fan

Installing heavy-duty fans at the workplace is important. If the fan is good then it will maintain perfect airflow indoors. It is also important to install the fan at the right location. Depending on the workplace environment you may have to select the right fan unit.


  • Wall-mounted fans are an ideal option if the floor space is limited at the workshop
  • These types of fans are a better option as they require no hard-wiring
  • You can also install a big sized fan on the wall or ceiling


If you are looking around for heavy-duty commercial fans you can get started by searching online. There are hundreds of assorted brands available. You just need one that is suitable for the workshop.


  • Mounting area


When it comes to wall-mounted types, you again have two options. You can install the fans on the wall and ceiling. In both cases, the fan may not occupy floor space.


To perfectly install the fan on the wall or ceiling you have to consider lightweight fans. You can also select one that can be installed on the stand these types can be portable as you can set the fan at different locations.


  • Plugging options


Any fan may need to be connected to the direct source of power. If the fan has to be mounted on the wall then you do not have to worry about fixed hard wired lines. But if you decide to install the same fan on the ceiling or at a height, then fixed wiring is important.


If the fan has to be installed at a lower altitude, then you can simply install a wall-mounted plug. The moment you want to use the fan, you can plug it in. Commercial fans may need a good quality plug-in device. Focus on the voltage factor as well.


  • Circulation


You are using a fan because you need good air circulation indoors. But that does not mean that you can install any size fan. Heavy-duty fans may have a fixed capacity.


Within a fixed area the fan will be able to circulate the air indoors. If the same fan is installed outdoors, its air circulation capacity might not be the same. So why install the wrong fan? You may need to work out the technical aspects before you select wall mounted fans for the workshop.


  • Mounting techniques


There are many different ways in which the fans can be installed. You can install the same fan in many different ways. You can have a fixed location indoors. You can also install the fan on top of the metal frame.


The mounting techniques may depend on many factors including the rotating speed and the vibration generated by the fan. Heavy-duty commercial fans may need a safe mounting technique to avoid accidents.


Finally, you can consider the price of the fan. This factor might depend on the brand and the outcome. If the fan is guaranteed for best performance then it is more expensive. Metal blades might be more expensive as compared to plastic or acrylic blades as well.


Before you finalize the fan type, you need to consider the factors listed above. This is important so your choice is right.

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