A sudden link product

Altice One provides the best viewing and entertainment experience. The feature offered sets a benchmark Suddenlink Email Settings.

  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Streaming Apps
  • Intelligent Built-in
  • Voice-activated Remote
  • Apple on Tv

These features are itself a reason to avail of the service. An applaud for the team!

Mobile Needs

Whatever be your mobile needs, the company got you covered.

  • Nationwide network
  • 4G LTE/ 5G access included – although 5G is emerging worldwide the company provides it’s best.
  • Seamless connection with WiFi hotspots – You can now use your mobile data with easy on whichever device you like.
  • Unlimited talk and text – You are now connected to your loved ones without any limit.
  • No overage charges –
  • No annual contract – the company doesn’t push you for a legal contract but it’s unforgettable service does.

Suddenlink Amplify – “Feel the sound of your entertainment”

Amplify bring life t the room in which you entertain yourself. Fulfilling the need for the quality audio, it’s the perfect selection. Due to its various feature, it becomes irresistible.

  • Amazon Alexa built-in
  • Extraordinary sound by Devialet
  • Hand-free, voice control for Altice One
  • Simplified connectivity
  • Premier audio streaming

Suddenlink Amplify delivers extraordinary sound in the fullest detail. When you close your eyes, you will feel each instrument, each note, and each voice as if were right in front of you. Amplify is powered by Devialet – the critically acclaimed sound experts renowned for delivering high-quality speakers and immersive sound experiences.

  1. SPACE – Enjoy rich and balanced sound with room-wide diffusion. Immerse yourself in 360° action.
  2. AVL – Adaptive volume level™ automatically detects and adjusts the volume for a better listening experience.
  3. SAM – Speaker active matching® perfectly renders content with high-fidelity sound reproduction.

Within its sleek design, Suddenlink Amplify tightly packs 2 long-stroke diamond woofers designed by Devialet and 3 low-distortion full-range drivers. Devialet’s “Push-Push” woofer configuration cancels vibrations at all volume levels, delivering the fullest bass possible from a compact stand-alone device.

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