AR VR in 2019: Keep Tabs on these Trends

We are living in the most exciting times where there is no clear line between reality and fiction. The latest to transform the way we play or work is a phenomenon called Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

AR or Augmented Reality is where the existing environment is overlayed by the elements of the virtual world thus, augmenting the reality. Be it popular filters by Snapchat, the very famous Pokemon Go or surgical procedures, AR has sneaked in our lives and made its space. AR may not be as successful as its successor VR but is continually growing under its shadow. VR or Virtual Reality takes you into an entirely new virtual environment where you can experience it with all your senses.

AR VR  Trends in 2019

1.Enhanced use of AI

The AR and VR companies are racing against each other in enhancing the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to built smarter apps and devices with higher cognitive function. An AI technology named Computer Vision is the most looked out for that will use machine-learning algorithms to make much more capable and sophisticated VR devices.

Much awaited by the scientific community, Google is developing a microscope that is AI, and machine learning enabled and can highlight suspected tissue, which may be cancerous.


The virtual world will become more complex and intelligent. Better voice control using AI’s natural language processing, increasing immersion by doing away multiple icons and menus will feature in VR devices this year.

2.Role in Education and training

VR and AR both have a solid case for growth in Education and Training sectors. The virtual environment in VR can allow students to learn how to build rockets to dissecting a frog without the risks of the real world.  AR will help in providing virtual information in the real world, like showing the interiors of earth or internal organs of a human body.

HoloLens technology by Microsoft now used in military training by The US Army is one such example. AR and VR are no risk and cost-reducing ways to carry out training programs.

3. VR in Mainstream Entertainment

VR headsets have made their way into homes, and their sales are on a constant rise, but the market is waiting for VR adoption in mainstream entertainment. The most prominent manufacturers of VR headsets Vive and Oculus are set to release powerful headsets with computers supporting built-in technology. It will eliminate the restrictions like movement limitation, which hinder the complete VR experience. The whole VR experience is going to become more real like.

4.Collaborations with social networks

When Facebook bought Oculus in 2016, there were speculations that apart from already existing AR, VR shall become the new hip thing in online social communities. Facebook shall release its VR Space platform. WeChat has also announced to add VR to its app.

AR has already taken over boardrooms is too expected to come out with enhanced features.

5.AR VR in Automobile Industry

There are endless opportunities of using AR and VR in cars and other vehicles. AI technology enabled Siri and Alexa have already found their place, in-car AR is a yes in some significant luxury brands in 2019.

The possibilities of AR and VR are endless in many, and we are about to witness this revolution.

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