Experience the Elegance of Italy Through Private Tours to Italy

Is Italy on your list of dream holiday destinations? This European wonder sees over 30 million tourists each year, and it’s about time you, too, treated yourself to a private tour of Italy!

Indulge in the world’s best food and wine

If there’s one thing Italians are known for, it’s their food. In a survey conducted across 24 countries, 84% of participants said that Italian food is one of their favorites. Who wouldn’t love to eat a steaming slice of pizza after a long day at work?

But Italian cuisine is more than just pizza and pasta. Different regions have different takes on various dishes, but the food is always made with fresh ingredients and a lot of care.

When in Rome, for instance, you must try the saltimbocca—a veal cutlet rolled around sage and prosciutto. Another popular regional dish is the risotto, made with creamy rice and meat, vegetables, or fish broth.

Expand your knowledge of history and the arts

Italy has played a prominent role in world history, known best for ancient Rome’s influence on art, architecture, science, technology, literature, and so much more. Not only that, but Italy can also trace its roots to French, Swiss, and Mediterranean cultures.

Due to its rich culture and history, the country is home to the world’s highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You’ll find a globally renowned landmark in just about any Italian region, from the archaeological areas of Pompeii and Herculaneum to the towering Dolomites found across five provinces.

Explore an unforgettable landscape

Italy has more to offer than just historical buildings and good food. You won’t be disappointed if you’re in the mood for a bit of sightseeing. The country has everything: beaches, mountain ranges, hiking trails, and crystal-clear lakes. You’ll never run out of places to explore!

Everyone needs to take a private tour of Italy at least once in their lives. So go ahead and treat yourself to a luxury holiday and create wonderful memories. Are you ready to visit one of the world’s most beautiful countries? Plan your trip now by booking a private tour of Italy with an experienced and highly-rated travel company.


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