Experienced Reference Letter writers for ACS Skill Assessment

Experienced Reference Letter is one of the determining factors for Australian immigration. An experienced reference letter, also known as roles and responsibilities letter, is a document, usually provided by company HR on company letterhead. It contains a list of duties performed by you during your tenure in the company. This document gives a clear picture of your role as well as your responsibilities in the company, hence the name. You have to get one letter for each company that you worked for. If you are dreaming to immigrate to Australia without an ICT certified degree or from a completely different background to pursue a career in ICT or a related field, then you must submit the RPL report with an Experienced Reference Letter on the company’s letterhead to show your qualification according to the standards set by ACS.

Each episode of employment must be supported by an experienced employment reference letter. All references must contain specific information from the employer regarding the duties you performed, and the skills applied to the job. References must be signed by your employer or a person authorized by your employer. The name, position, and contact details of the person making the referral must be clearly indicated.

Work experience must be at a specialist ICT level and applied to a business designated to conduct surveys as appropriate for migration skills assessment. Completed employment will be counted only after you meet the ACS eligibility criteria for skilled employment and migration points. Work experience used to meet the suitability criteria is not counted as skilled employment. Eligible for migration points. At least 65% of the duties detailed in the employment context must be relevant to the nominee. Experience related to a nominated business (ANZSCO) can be closely understood.

Australian Computer Society requires applicants to submit an experienced reference letter along with their RPL project report. Work experience plays a major role in ACS skills assessment. ACS validates your work experience based on the experienced reference letter given by you. Therefore, no matter how much effort you put into preparing a correct RPL report for positive skills assessment from ACS, your assessment will fail if your experienced reference letter does not meet the ACS standard. Experienced reference letters play a major role in the migration to Australian Computer Society (ACS), and taking the help of a professional would be a great decision. Since the standards set by the ACS for migration, it will not be easy to meet all aspects of ACS without any professional assistance. Experts ACS RPL writing help the candidate understand all the important areas of knowledge defined by ACS and choose those that align with their background.

Here at you will be provided with Experienced Reference letter samples submitted by our previous client and have been proven to get assessed positively. We care about your needs and that’s why we provide sample reference letters approved by the ACS. You can download the letter samples and use them for reference purposes.

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