Hopefully this means the chances of a PS4

Hopefully this means the chances of a PS4 and maybe switch releases down the line are looking great. And with how games like Fortnite and Minecraft are, ideally PSO2 gets cross-saves too.On that the JP server, you can use the same Sega ID and log into Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta all versions of Phantasy Star Online 2 and maintain your characters and advancement. There is PC ~ PS4/Vita cross play (vita is limited to”Sony” blocks, PS4 can link to PC blocks) and PC ~ Nintendo Switch cross play (change is limited to their blocks). PC players can relate to whatever block that they want. Blocks are similar to channels that you would find in other mmorpgs.

Yeah sorta having a world that is constant. Like the idea that if you log out, the world continues on and stuff happens without you there. It exists/persists independent of you. When you log back in it should be more like you’re stepping in to a digital world with characters already going around doing things, not”starting a game”. I could paragraphs on the subject but it’s just arguing semantics at this point since genres are so muddied and many MMOs instance the hell out of everything for balance/server reasons anyhow. Like Destiny is all but an MMORPG with the only real difference being the number of players around the map and shitty communicating systems.

Well I’d assert that Destiny 2 fits the genre just nice, except I’d call it an MMOFPS. However, that’s not really important. Maybe an open planet is required; I don’t think it is. I believe that to be an MMORPG, a game needs to have a high number of players playing simultaneously in classes or not, and it needs to at some point be an RPG. I will say though the reception in PSO2 where everybody gathers and does their city stuff IS persistent. Or at least it’s as persistent as Dalaran in WoW is.

I do feel like people are trying too tough to pigeonhole what gets to buy PSO2 Meseta call itself an MMORPG and what doesn’t. Like just their sometimes very narrow view of the genre is legitimate and all others are.. I do not know.. something else. It might not be exactly what you think of if that term is used, but that is what the word literally means.

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