Paradise of food – Kashmir

Kashmir the paradise on earth is known for its beautiful and exotic scenery. People from all over the world come here to enjoy the beauty of this paradise on earth. However, one thing people often forget and without which a Kashmir trip will always be pending is the food of Kashmir. Along with nature lovers, Kashmir is also an amazing place for all food lovers. Kashmir’s food is symbolic of its rich culture. The Kashmiri cuisine is vibrant and diverse. 

Before booking your Kashmir Tour Package, we’d like to recommend you some of our favourite Kashmiri dishes. 


  1. Rogan Josh

Well, it will be a shame if this is not on top of our list. Rogan Josh has to be the first mentioned in Kashmir food. This delicious ad exotic dish has made Kashmiri cuisine famous all over the world. It is a healthy and low-fat dish that will immediately melt in your heart and your mouth. It is best served with naan bread and rice. For all the non-vegetarians this dish is a must-try when on a Kashmir trip.


  1.           Paneer Chaman

This dish is heaven for all vegetarians in the house! Paneer Chaman is a Kashmiri styled dish where the paneer is slowly simmered in milk while it basks in the flavours of cardamom. This dish has the perfect blend of spices and a richness that cannot be explained in just some words. 


  1.           Your Tschaman

This is another gift from the land of Kashmir for all vegetarians. The creamy turmeric gravy gives a different taste to the paneer, which has made it into a staple dish amongst the households. 



  1.           Modur Pulao

Well, you must have had many Pulao, but this Pulao will give you chills. This dish is prepared with fresh milk, saffron, ghee and cinnamon. The rice is specially garnished with a whole lot of dry fruits like almonds, cashew and raisins. This dish has a tinge of sweetness as it has sugar in it. For rice lovers, this Kashmiri food is one of the must-try Kashmiri dishes. 


  1.           Sheermal

Now, this is one of the special kinds of bread that you have to try. This is not regular flatbread that you must have had in regular north Indian restaurants. Sheermal is one of the famous Kashmiri dishes. The crispy yet sweet delight is bound to melt in your mouth as soon as you bite into it. And the best way to experience it is in Kashmir itself, with the locals. 


  1.           Kahava

Well without this our list will be incomplete. Kahva is one of the most important things for people here. This tea is suitable for all festive occasions. 


So, what are you waiting for? Go, book your Kashmir package and get ready to binge eat on these delicious Kashmiri dishes.

All the best!

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