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Latming is in the list of non-scrutty in 2013 until now, but he participated in the team’s training last week and hoped that he can play at the next half of this season. This 5-footed 11-inch 220-pound running guards at the University of South Carolina in 2011, respectively, the knee zigong and Wholesale jerseys sub-integration, in 2012, the right knee injury. Despite the 2012 university season due to the right knee, each ligament torn, the knee, the knee, which is disastrous, but he is still taken away by the 49th team in the 4th round of the draft. He is a potential root-of-race running guard, and when he has been recovered, the 49 people will take him away in the 131st position.

Tarck’s total value is less than Dan Bailey’s 7-year $ 22.5 million contract, slightly lower than New England Patriots play Stephen Gostkiki (Stephen Gostkowski) STEPHEN GOSTKOWSKI (4 years of $ 17.2 million). However, Tak did got all the most guaranteed income in the player.

At that time 20 seconds left in the game, the Patriots five yards at halftime hand ball in the side, quarterback – Tom Brady (Tom Brady) Select knees. At this time, Owen tried to break glycopyrrolate Koski interference Brady. The two sides collide, which evolved into a fight. In the course of the two struggling, several players join the conflict, even a player obvious punch to attack the opponent’s phenomenon. Owen after the game is also not cool for their own behavior and apologize to the Patriots players Seahawks fans.

New York Jets sophomore quarterback Bryce – led by Petty maintained a countdown to the first performance of the AL East. Petty has graduated from Baylor University in college had excellent performance, but wants to prove himself in the NFL stadium, but also a long way to go, last week he came 257 yards to help the Jets win over 49. Brandon took over the main outside – Marshall got 305 yards and two touchdowns in the last three games. Since 2006, the league veteran, has the ball 938 times and scored 12,017 yards, ranking second in the league in the same period.

“He escaped from the four-dimensional protection network, and the ability to avoid their ability when the defensive frontline did not get rid of the cover and avoid their ability & mdash; & mdash; these are too unique. He is still able to remove and read the situation on the field and still can follow Put the ball out, continue offense … When you disperse the offensive player, he uses a lot of different ways to play power. This is very difficult for the defensive group because if you want him to force him, he can spider The leg runs, you can’t catch him. And if you don’t hit him, he can still tear your defense. We scattered the player, the rhythm of our play, he is really able to show well in the system. People. Sometimes we are more than possible to be divided by most people in the league. We will use the whole site, let them focus on the 5 extends, and 1 quadrant will be very difficult for the defensive group. ”

Seahawks linebacker Owen was triggered fighting was fined $ 10,000
Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bruce – Owen (Bruce Ivrin) triggered because the two teams fight before the end of the Super Bowl, it is punishable by $ 10,000 fines Union. The final stage of the Super Bowl, New England Patriots quarterback hopes to run out of time by kneeling down. Owen collision at this time other players, lead to double conflict. Owen when the referee will immediately deported home.

When Jinsbury was interviewed, he said he believed that the offensive system in the Rock rickets and Murray were “very similar” in the Oklahoma University. Kingsbury said he will use the five extraction-based patterns than usually NFL teams.

In addition to Owen, there are three players receive a penalty notice: Seahawks defensive end Michael – Bennett (Michael Bennett), Patriots tight end Rob – glycopyrrolate Koski (Rob Gronkowski) and Michael – Houma Nawa Nu (Michael Hoomanawanui). Three were fined $ 8628.

49 people running Werata Timothy to declare retirement
The ESPN has confirmed by the Alliance Source, and the San Francisco 49 team runs Marcus Lattimore because the knee problem is planned from NFL. This 23-year-old Run Week did not follow the team at home to meet the St. Louis Rasquet.

Miami Dolphins last week lost their main quarterback Ryan – Tannehill, the good news is that he will return to the team in the playoffs, provided that the dolphins must get an American League wild card playoff tickets. Second-year running back Jay – Ajay season ushered in the outbreak last week, he ran 111 yards and one rushing touchdown. In the last eight games he scored 839 yards more, every time the ball can be advanced on average 4.95 yards, ranking fourth in the league. Defensive end Cameron – Vick is still the great strength of the league outside the red setter, last week he scored two sacks and two fumble manufacturing; 34-year-old guy has to take this season 9.5 sacks and four fumbles manufacture, since he entered the league in 2009, has completed 79.5 sacks, with remarkable efficiency.

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