The cnc machining difference between aluminum and other material

Speaking of cnc machining of aluminum materials, there is still a difference from cnc machining of other material products. Today we will take a look at what are the characteristics of cnc machining of aluminum profiles?
First cnc machining center (NC machine tool) is different
In order to adapt to the characteristics of slender parts of machined aluminum, the working table of aluminum profile machining centers is mostly narrow and long. The width does not exceed 500mm; the length is from 6500mm to 7000mm to suit the typical 6-meter profile machining. The maximum speed of the spindle of the machining center is generally below 8000rpm; while the maximum speed of the shaft can reach or exceed 18000rpm.
Different machining methods
Aluminum profiles generally require several machining methods such as milling, drilling, and tapping, while machining methods such as plane / curved surface, countersinking, and boring are rarely used.
As aluminum CNC machining china manufacturer, we also have deep machining workshops. Generally, our deep-processed products are punched and tapped, and there are many slot milling, mainly mounting holes.

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