Types of Commercial Dishwashers Based On Cleaning Techniques

When you have a restaurant business, you have to buy a commercial dishwasher. This helps you cleaning the dishes in a shortest ever time and helps manage your business efficiently.

The commercial dishwasher does almost the same job as the residential units do. However, the difference comes to the field of performance and its cleaning capacity. When you need to clean a large number of dishes, you have to choose a cleaning machine having the capacity. A commercial unit can clean neatly from fifty to two hundred dishes in one service duration. Moreover, the speed of cleaning is very fast. If you have a restaurant or a commercial catering service commercial dishwasher is a must.

Can clean various sizes of dishes

The dishwasher machines are available with various companies with different loading capacity. You can buy it if you have a commercial food catering unit or a restaurant. But, you can also rent if from so many authorities. Being a resident of Gold Coast, you can choose commercial dishwasher service and repair in Gold coast if you take the rent from a renowned authority. The commercial unit is larger than the house dishwashing system. Depending on the demands of cleaning gizmos, you can you will get kitchen spaces accordingly.

High and low temp commercial dishwashers

The dishwashers are generally divided into two types: high temperature and low temperature. Let’s see the details of the two types.

High Temperature

Jet-tech conveyor unit uses superheated water technology to clean the dishes. These cleaning units are called a high-temperature dishwasher. However, these machines deserve a higher price than its other version, i.e. the low-temperature technology. These high temp machines can heat the water to at least 180-degree centigrade and clean the plates and dishes inserted inside. If the temperature segment reaches that standard, the dishwasher machine will be certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).

This machine unit will consume more power than its other version (low temp). On the other hand, these machines have a flash clean feature and quick-dry technology. However, the high-temperature feature can dry its water particle very fast, and if any particle remains, the quick-drying technology finishes the job. You can get this type of machine from some rental authority that has new collections of Commercial dishwasher sales and rental in Gold coast.

Low-temperature dish cleaner

In the high temperature, you will get the germs killed when you are using high-temperature machines. On the other hand, when you are using low-temperature commercial dishwasher machine, you will get the dish cleaned by the flow of speedy water and some disincentive chemicals. The chemical will disinfect the dishes after getting cleaned.

You can also avail these kinds of machines in the rental. However, when you need the machine for constant use, you should better buy one for you. Apart from buying all these sorts of machines, you can take rent. The additional facility is to take rent is that you will get free repair and servicing until you use it.

If you need Commercial dishwasher service and repair in Gold coast, there are no such companies that provide adequate service. You have to find out a renowned localized company for the same.

Gold Coast Catering Equipment Services provides you with restaurant equipment sales and services. You can take rent those machines from them. For Commercial dishwasher sales and rental in Gold coast, contact us now.

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