What are gate valves and What are the Application of Gate valves

gate valves

What are gate valves?

In most cases, a gate valve is used to totally stop fluid flow or, when fully opened, to allow full flow in a pipeline. As a result, it can be utilised either totally closed or fully open. A gate valve’s components include the valve body, seat, and disc, as well as the spindle, gland, and wheel that controls the valve.

Dalmine Flanges is a leading Gate Valves Manufacturer in India. Typically, the gate is wedge-shaped. Gate Valves Manufacturer in India are completely drawn into the valve bonnet when the valve is fully opened. Gate Valves Manufacturer in India are utilised when a fluid flow in a straight line with the least amount of flow restriction is required. Gate valves stop, restrict, or allow full passage of fluids via the valve by using a sliding plate inside the valve body.

Application of Gate valves

Gate Valves Manufacturer in India are industrial pipes which are primarily utilised as stop valves to turn on and off the flow. So its applications are as follows

  • It can be utilised for corrosive liquids, steam, slurries, oil, and gas.
  • These valves are appropriate for situations involving high pressure and temperature.
  • These valves cannot be opened or closed quickly.
  • To install, run, and maintain it, a sizable space is needed.
  • Because there is a significant pressure difference across the seat, a large torque is required to open.
  • In ships, steam circuits use gate valves.


Gate Valves Manufacturer in India

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Gate Valve, commonly referred to as a sluice valve, is activated by raising a square or rectangular gate or wedge out of the flow’s path.

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