What can kids learn from Dora the Explorer?

Dora the Explorer is a popular television show that has been part of many kids’ critical growing years. It is an animation that has an eight-year-old girl going on an adventure with her friend boots. The show focuses on providing an educational value to pre-schoolers. Kids get to learn various traits in a fun way.

The show is successful and widespread in many countries. This led to merchandising toys like Dora game, backpacks, puzzles, soft toys, etc. Its interactive nature lets kids help Dora complete her adventures. What are the things that kids can learn from Dora? Read on to find out:

Etiquettes: As the show is interactive, it involves a lot of talking with the audience. Dora often uses words like- ‘Thank you,’ ‘Please’, ‘I’m Sorry’ while asking for help from the viewers. This teaches kids about basic manners when they help her. They also learn to greet people with kindness, being polite, etc., from the cartoon character.

Value of friendship: Boots the Monkey is a constant companion that helps Dora in her adventures. He is her friend who has her back throughout. Likewise, Dora also guides and assures him whenever he faces trouble. This is an excellent example of friendship that kids get to learn from the show. It enables them to make and appreciate their friends in a better way.

Perseverance: She is positive no matter what challenges come her way. She faces them head-on with confidence. Many obstacles are shown during her journey, which she solves with the help of kids. She sings a song saying ‘We did it” at the end to mark the victory. Dora the Explorer games come with the same struggles to teach children about determination and how it helps achieve things.

Compassion: She shows kindness no matter the circumstances. Her behaviour is the same towards her friends, family, and strangers. This teaches kids about basic acts of humanity. It educates them about treating everyone right and being empathetic. It also shows them that asking for help is a good trait and enhances our knowledge when we do not know something.

Communication: While shows that include Disney princess and fantasies promote imagination, this show involves interaction. It requires the kids to participate in taking Dora through her journey actively. This naturally leads to a lot of communication between the main character and the kids. It helps them socialise and learn new words and phrases.

Non-violence: The show’s antagonist, Swiper the Fox, attempts to disrupt Dora’s exploring in each episode. She must find a way past him and his notorious antics. She does it politely without any fights by requesting him not to swipe essential items. It teaches kids the importance of resolving conflicts by being humble and polite.

Most of the Dora games incorporate these lessons in them. Buying them for your kids is a great way to provide educational value.

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