Elevate the car rental business loaded with rich features and services

The on-demand car rental app serves as a platform to connect car owners with users in need and allows you to share in the profit. The on-demand apps crippled every industry, and car rental apps are not exceptional.

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The success of the app relies on its rich and high-quality features. They include,

Fixing Rates
The clone app for car rental scripts allows you to fix a price range for a specific area, region, or between the two destinations.

Instant Booking
The app provides users with easy and instant car booking and allows them to rent the car anywhere and anytime.

Crisp information about the trip
With a rental car app development, ensure detailed information about the trips to your users & drivers.

The car rental comes with an eWallet that helps users pay for the service through credit/debit cards and instant payment gateways.

The app lets users rate and give reviews about a driver that helps to improve the service.

Invite & Earn
Offer various referral programs and discounts on your car rental app to increase the customer base and loyalty.

It has various services including,

In-app chat
With our Customer and Driver apps, your users and service providers can chat or call from within the app.

Booking a car
The app facilitates customers to have the comfort of altering or canceling a booking at any time.

Geo tracking facility
The app lets customers track the whole journey live and gives them the comfort of changing or canceling a booking at any time.

Past works history
The app allows customers and drivers to check the service history and see their previous points of service requests.

Pickup flexibility
Both drivers and your customers can view the history of jobs with reviews to get better and pick the car anywhere after booking in the car rental app.

Final Thoughts,
The app provides high-quality features that ensure users and drivers have a safe journey, and the app lets everyone track the entire process, thus bringing trust and user retention.

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