How to Tell If Your Eyewear Doesn’t Fit

Consider how long your glasses spend on your face. If you put them on when you wake up and take them off when you go to bed, that adds up to a good amount of hours a day, let alone per year. With something that spends so long on your face, why would you settle for eyewear that doesn’t fit 100%?

The truth is, if you’re like many people, your glasses don’t fit, and you might not even realize it. In a world where one-size-fits-all stock eyewear off the shelf is the standard, most of us have gotten used to making compromises on fit and style because we didn’t know there was a better way.

So, does your eyewear fit or not? Here are a few ways to tell and what you can do to fix it.

You Can’t Pass the Shake Test

Have you ever tried the shake test on your glasses? Basically, look down and shake your head back and forth. If your eyewear stays put, then they aren’t too loose (although they could still be too tight), but if they immediately fall off, then that’s one area of concern.

If you have a smaller face yet you’re left with only large frame glasses that slip off your face, then consider getting custom-tailored eyewear to create glasses for small faces that will finally truly fit your face—without going to the kids’ section. Saying goodbye to stock frames and going the custom route can be great if you have a large face as well, then you can rock big frame glasses that are both stylish and fit without being uncomfortably tight.

You Can’t See as Clearly

Believe it or not, it’s not just your lenses and prescription that enable you to see more clearly. Having eyewear that properly fits your face is key so you see through your prescription lenses at the appropriate angle and distance from your eyes in order to see as well as your eye doctor intended. If you find that you can’t see as well as before after getting new frames, yet your prescription hasn’t changed, then the fit might be the culprit.

Factors such as the wrap angle, vertex distance, and pantoscopic tilt will impact how you see through your lenses. If these dimensions aren’t accurate for your facial measurements, you won’t be able to see as well as you could. Fortunately, with custom-tailored eyewear, the 3D measurements allow for the prescription lenses to be positioned precisely, so your glasses sit where they need to and you experience the correct vision from your prescription.

Your Frames Hurt Your Face

Do you savor the moment you can take your glasses off for the day? Though some of us may just prefer contacts from time to time, you should never feel like your eyewear is causing physical strain. There are a few areas where stock eyewear can often feel uncomfortable, such as near the nose and temples. If your eyewear leaves red marks on your nose or you get headaches from the frames, it’s time to try something new. To be honest, if your glasses are uncomfortable at all or even just not quite right, it’s worth considering taking another approach.

How to Fix It

So, now that you’ve come to the realization or confirmation that your glasses or sunglasses don’t fit, what can you do about it? While years ago the thought of having custom-tailored eyewear made specific to your glasses measurements seemed out of reach, now it’s possible from the comfort of your own home. That’s because companies like Topology are leading the custom-tailored eyewear revolution with innovative fitting technology and custom-spec frames made just for you that not only feel great for all-day wear but can also help you see better and get the most out of your prescription.

About Topology

Born in the heart of the San Francisco Design District, Topology is leading the charge in custom-tailored eyewear. With their intuitive mobile app, you can take a video selfie and virtually try on a variety of different frames and styles to find the perfect custom-tailored eyewear for your face. Topology makes each pair of frames from scratch, created to your exact facial dimensions, so you have a truly custom-tailored pair of eyewear made with premium materials and precise attention to detail. Topology welcomes all facial dimensions, as they can produce big frame glasses and glasses for small faces equally well. Make Topology your go-to source for all of your eyewear needs including prescription glasses, clear lenses, and even sunglasses.

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