Why Should We Upgrade Downpipes

Before we talk about the downpipe upgrade first let’s talk about what the downpipe actually is? The new person who recently has bought a car may be keen to know about every part of the car and the benefits of upgrading the car features.

Instead of talking about various car parts, we will talk about the downpipes.

So, let’s start:

What is a Downpipe?

Downpipes help the car engines to exit the exhaust gases from it. It is the section of tubes that are connected to the exhaust side of a turbocharger with the vehicle’s exhaust system. Downpipes have catalytic converters which reduce the emission of harmful gases during their operation. A downpipe is connected to the hot side of a turbo and the efficiency of the downpipe affects the turbo spool and performance.

Sometimes factory inbuilt t downpipes’ performance is not efficient so it needs to upgrade with market downpipes. However, this is not always the case especially, in the Audi rs6 c7 downpipe. BMW and Audi need a different type of upgrade downpipe and accompanying software gives significant power to increase all turbocharged vehicles’ performance.

Why Upgrade Downpipe?

Factory downpipes need to meet the emission requirements and give enough air movement to increase the vehicle’s performance. The small diameter of the downpipe, low catalytic converters, and limited angles can affect the car’s performance.

In some Vehicles, downpipes flow enough to emit exhaust gases, but when it is not working properly it needs upgrading. Improving the exhaust system requires replacing the inefficient restrictive downpipe with a higher flow market downpipe.

Types of downpipes

Upgraded rs6 downpipes generally come in two forms: high flow catted and low flow catted. The difference between the two is a catalytic converter( inclusion and exclusion)

Benefits of a cat-less downpipe:

The biggest benefit of a cat-less downpipe is open exhaust flow. With no cat, the downpipe is a linear tube exiting the exhaust gases of the turbo at the highest possible rate.

Disadvantages of a cat-less downpipe:

The most highlighted disadvantage is an environmental concern. The environment is impacted by exhaust gas flow. Cat-less downpipes are restricted in some states.

Advantages of catted downpipes

A catted downpipe gives a sufficiently higher rate of flow over stock hardware and has catalytic converters that better protect the environment and are likely to pass the early emission test.

Practically the power gains between catted and catless downpipes are almost negligible. A downpipe with higher flow cats will be best in terms of performance and environmental impact.

What Does an Upgraded Downpipe Do?

Downpipes generally improve the vehicle’s performance in an ECU tune. It provides sufficient gain in horsepower and torque. The most prominent change with an upgraded downpipe is enhanced performance, but several other things can change.

A big diameter and open catalytic converter not only helps air to flow but also helps the sound to flow as well. An improved downpipe helps the engine to reduce noise and run smoothly while driving.

Downpipes contribute to the appearance of the engine, depending upon the brand, a polished downpipe will improve the overall appearance of the engine bay.

The biggest possible issue with upgrading any part of your vehicle’s exhaust system is failing emissions tests. This issue is particularly relevant to upgraded downpipes, as they vary or annihilate the catalytic converters. When upgrading to a performance downpipe, it may fail emissions testing.


Upgraded downpipes allow exhaust gases to flow more easily as they leave the turbo, resulting in substantial horsepower and torque gains on turbocharged automobiles. A downpipe offers many benefits and contributes to the fun ride. If you want more from your car without going into Stage 3/upgraded turbo zone, changing to a higher flowing downpipe is a fantastic alternative. However, keep in mind the potential drawbacks.

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